Web3 Loyalty Programs - Wow Bao Created a Next-Gen Loyalty Program with Digital Collectibles (TrendHunter.com)

3 months ago 2

Fast-casual Asian conception Wow Bao commissioned NFT creator MANOVERMARS, besides known arsenic MoM, to make NFT-based integer collectibles. As such, Wow Bao is the archetypal virtual edifice to harvester a web3 integrated loyalty programme with a accepted rewards program. Geoff Alexander, President & CEO of Wow Bao, says "By creating a integer collectible club, Wow Bao is leveling up the mundane loyalty program, and welcoming each diners to the future."

For brands, NFTs supply a unsocial accidental to prosecute with their assemblage utilizing integer assets that tin beryllium bought, sold and traded connected blockchain platforms. This not lone opens up caller gross streams but besides enhances marque loyalty and establishes a nonstop transportation betwixt brands and their astir passionate fans. For consumer-collectors, NFTs connection a consciousness of ownership of exclusive integer items, proving authenticity successful the integer realm, portion besides providing the imaginable for aboriginal worth appreciation, creating a consciousness of exclusivity and concern imaginable successful their collection.

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