What Is Zone 2 Cardio and How Do I Actually Do It?

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Low strength cardio—sometimes called LISS oregon “zone 2”—is an underrated signifier of exercise. It’s yet coming backmost into manner aft spending years connected the sidelines while HIIT and lifting-only routines ran the field. But what is portion 2 cardio, exactly? Why should you bash it? And however bash you cognize if you’re doing it correctly?

What is portion 2 training?

“Zone 2” is simply a word drawn from the five-zone strategy of heart complaint training, and the aforesaid conception is besides known by different names and metrics. To runners it is “easy pace” oregon “long dilatory region pace.” To cyclists, it corresponds to zones 2 and 3 of a seven-zone strategy of mechanical power. In different sports, similar swimming and rowing, it’s often conscionable called “easy” oregon “low intensity” exercise.

The hallmark of portion 2 grooming is that it’s comparatively slow, and it’s done astatine a dependable pace. If you’re aiming for a bosom complaint of 70%, that doesn’t mean doing intervals astatine 90% and past resting astatine 50%. It means holding that 70% level the full clip you’re exercising. You tin bash portion 2 cardio by running, cycling, swimming, rowing, brisk walking, rollerblading, oregon churning distant connected the elliptical.

To beryllium clear, it’s inactive work—it’s not the aforesaid arsenic sitting astir resting—but it should consciousness similar you could support going everlastingly if you wanted to. You don’t halt a portion 2 league erstwhile you get tired, you halt it due to the fact that you acceptable retired for a 30 oregon 45 oregon 60 infinitesimal session, and your clip is up.

What are the benefits of portion 2 cardio?

Zone 2 enactment builds your aerobic base. When you bash cardio astatine this benignant of casual pace, your assemblage adapts by increasing much capillaries (tiny humor vessels) to get oxygen and nutrients to your muscles much efficiently. You get much mitochondria to powerfulness each musculus cell—you person thousands of mitochondria per cell—and you nutrient much of the enzymes that crook nutrient into usable energy. Your bosom and your lungs get much businesslike astatine taking successful oxygen and moving humor to your muscles, and your muscles go capable to store much carbohydrates (in a signifier called glycogen) truthful that much of the carbs you devour are astatine the acceptable erstwhile you commencement a tally oregon ride.

For runners, casual gait should marque up astir (some accidental 80%) of your play mileage, and the fittingness you physique doing casual moving is what allows you to payment from, and retrieve from, harder efforts similar interval training.

For radical whose main athletics is much spot oriented (meatheads similar myself), portion 2 cardio strengthens the aforesaid assemblage systems that assistance america retrieve betwixt sets, and adjacent betwixt reps. It increases our enactment capacity, letting america get much enactment done successful total. As agelong arsenic you’re eating enough, adding cardio into your regular should marque you capable to bash more enactment successful the gym, not less. (And no, cardio does not termination your gains.)

And for radical who are conscionable exercising for health, portion 2 cardio is the cleanable “moderate” workout we’re each expected to get astatine slightest 150 minutes of per week. It’s heart-healthy, and adjacent radical with aesculapian conditions that bounds their quality to workout can often bash debased strength cardio safely. (Ask your doc to beryllium sure, of course.)

Importantly, portion 2 grooming is very debased fatigue. More time-efficient forms of cardio and conditioning similar HIIT, elevation sprints, oregon CrossFit WODs are large for your aerobic fitness, but those workouts person to beryllium precocious intensity, and you’ll beryllium pooped afterward. They’re large successful tiny doses, but they benignant of have to beryllium successful tiny doses.

By contrast, casual gait enactment is fundamentally free. You tin enactment up to doing an casual portion 2 league each day, successful summation to your regular training, and consciousness fine. Once you’re utilized to it, you tin bash portion 2 enactment connected your “rest” days without defeating the intent of a remainder day. As agelong arsenic you person the clip for it, it’s similar a cheat codification for aerobic gains.

How bash you cognize erstwhile you’re successful portion 2?

The champion mode to cognize if you’re successful portion 2 is to wage attraction to your effort, and however it feels. Even though “zone 2” is defined successful presumption of bosom rate, I don’t urge that beginners cipher it from bosom complaint percentages astatine first. Unless you’ve really gotten your bosom complaint up to a maximum effort level, and cognize what that fig is, you don’t really cognize your max bosom rate.

Instead, let’s speech astir what it should feel like. On a standard from 0 to 10, wherever 0 is thing and 10 is all-out sprinting, debased strength cardio is astir a 3. You’re working, but not precise hard.

This gait is conversational, and it’s sometimes described with a “talk test.” If you could archer your person astir your time portion you’re exercising, you’re astir apt astir the close level. That doesn’t mean spitting retired a fewer words present and there, but speaking successful afloat sentences without feeling retired of breath. If you find yourself stopping to drawback your enactment oregon if you consciousness similar you request to instrumentality a break, you’re going excessively hard.

That said, it shouldn’t consciousness too easy—Zone 2 is much similar a brisk locomotion oregon casual jog than a leisurely stroll. If you stop, you should consciousness similar you took a interruption from something. It should instrumentality a small enactment and absorption to support up the pace.


Runners often person occupation with this, due to the fact that the dividing enactment betwixt walking and moving is sometimes excessively precocious to support an casual gait portion you’re running, if you’re a beginner. The adjacent champion happening is to jog arsenic dilatory arsenic you can, and erstwhile you commencement to consciousness retired of breath, power to a brisk walk. For immoderate people, a brisk locomotion for the full league is simply a cleanable portion 2 workout. As you get much fit, casual jogging volition go possible.

Here’s a existent satellite illustration of however to support a portion 2 pace: if I’m heading retired for an casual run, I commencement astatine a bully chill jogging pace. But I unrecorded successful a hilly neighborhood, truthful beauteous soon I’ll beryllium chugging up a elevation and announcement my breathing getting heavier. At this point, I power to a powerfulness walk. Jogging the flats and walking the uphills is simply a large mode to support your effort level steady, alternatively of accidentally turning your casual jog into a elevation sprint workout.


Cyclists often measurement their grooming successful a seven-zone strategy that is based connected however overmuch power, successful a physics sense, you are putting into the gears of your bike. These are called Coggan powerfulness zones, and motorcycle grooming systems similar Zwift and Peloton usage the aforesaid basal idea. To calibrate these zones, you’ll instrumentality an FTP (functional threshold power) test—basically, a 20-minute contention against yourself. From there, you (or your grooming app) calculates wattage numbers for your zones.

Zones 2 and 3 successful this strategy usually correspond to our “zone 2” cardio. (Your bosom complaint astatine the extremity of an FTP trial volition beryllium beauteous adjacent to your max bosom rate, by the way, if you truly went all-out.) If you bid with some a bosom complaint show and a motorcycle powerfulness meter, don’t interest if they don’t lucifer exactly. A thrust successful powerfulness zones 2 and 3 volition conscionable your low-intensity cardio needs, adjacent if your bosom complaint starts successful portion 1 and spikes into portion 3 by the end.

Miscellaneous cardio

For different forms of cardio, spell by feel, oregon by bosom complaint if you genuinely cognize your bosom complaint percentages. When you’re connected the elliptical oregon the rower oregon the airbike, you should consciousness similar you could transportation connected a speech easily, and halt due to the fact that clip is up alternatively than due to the fact that you’re moving retired of gas.

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