What's the fiercest cross-city derby in football?

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Mario Balotelli is surrounded by Manchester United players with Manchester City brag  Roberto Mancini trying to fend them off.The melodramatic shifting of occurrence that has occurred betwixt the Manchester rivals is 1 seen precise seldom successful the game

So large has the shifting of powerfulness been successful Manchester that fewer would person believed the proposition a decennary agone it would beryllium the bluish broadside gunning to triumph a Treble alternatively than their reddish neighbours.

But it is Premier League champions Manchester City who caput into Saturday's FA Cup last looking to borderline adjacent to that achievement, with the Champions League last inactive to come.

With United aiming to forestall City equalling their ain unprecedented achievement, and doing truthful successful the archetypal all-Manchester FA Cup final, BBC Sport looks astatine however this fixture sizes up to immoderate of the different metropolis derbies successful satellite football.

The Manchester derby

Erling Haaland celebrates by sitting connected  the level  against Manchester United.Erling Haaland and Phil Foden scored hat-tricks successful the sides' earlier gathering astatine the Etihad this season

From backheel goals to humiliatingly one-sided scorelines and cult heroes crossing the divide, the Manchester derby has a much storied past than most.

For truthful agelong it was a communicative of a dominant, each conquering outfit against their embattled, little glamourous, 'noisy neighbours'. But the past decennary has seen fortunes unequivocally alteration hands, pursuing City's takeover by Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Mansour successful 2008.

The squad that for truthful agelong stood successful the shadows of their world-renowned rivals are present the ones casting the gloom.

AC Milan v Inter - 'Derby della Madonnina'

Two fans, 1  wearing an Inter shirt, the different   a Milan garment  clasp  a fractional  and fractional  scarf aloft extracurricular  San Siro.Inter and AC Milan fans person been known to marque the stands of San Siro shingle with their fervent support

A rivalry dissimilar fewer others successful the game, the 'Derby della Madonnina' is likened by fans of some sides to the competitory borderline shared betwixt cousins alternatively than mortal enemies.

It is rather fitting past that 1 nine was formed by breaking distant from the different and, that similar galore extended families, they inhabit the aforesaid location turf.

With a matchday ambiance truthful electrical it has been known to marque the iconic San Siro shingle underfoot, giving the illusion it excessively is swaying on to the choreography of the fans.

It's not hard to spot wherefore this derby is simply a fixture connected galore a shot fans' bucket list.

North London derby

Arsenal players observe  with their arms aloft and throwing their arms successful  the aerial  aft  winning the league.Arsenal famously clinched the 2003/4 Premier League rubric astatine the location of their bitter rivals

With conscionable 4 miles separating the location stadia of Arsenal and Tottenham, the rivalry betwixt these 2 clubs was initially calved retired of proximity.

With Arsenal being the third-most decorated broadside successful English football, their fans person enjoyed galore a solemnisation astatine Tottenham's disbursal - astir notably sealing the league rubric astatine White Hart Lane backmost successful 2004.

Plenty of players person risked the wrath of fans connected either broadside of the disagreement by swapping 1 nine for the other.

The astir celebrated was Englishman Sol Campbell, who moved to amended his chances of winning silverware, which helium duly secured (ouch!).

Rangers v Celtic - 'The Old Firm'

Celtic fans acceptable   disconnected  flares successful  the stands arsenic  they hold   for the players to execute  the pre-match handshake.There person been 436 Old Firm derbies since 1888, with 4 presently each play successful the league

The Glasgow derby has successful the past been marred by instrumentality violence, with humanities spiritual differences meaning this rivalry runs heavy disconnected the field.

Scotland's 2 biggest clubs are besides each other's biggest rivals for silverware - whether you are a 'Bhoy,' oregon a 'Ger,', the imaginable of winning trophies oregon denying your rival claiming them conscionable adds to the appeal.

This derby seldom fails to present successful presumption of passion, incidental and entertainment.

Sevilla v Real Betis - 'El Gran Derbi'

Real Betis skipper  Joaquin and Sevilla skipper  Jesus Navas conflict  for the ball.Sevilla Futbol Club and Real Betis Balompie are the beating bosom of the metropolis of Seville

Fought successful the metropolis of Seville successful the bosom of Andalucia, oregon the 'Frying cookware of Spain,' El Gran Derbi betwixt Sevilla and Real Betis surely brings plentifulness of occurrence and passion.

Local is so the astir befitting connection to picture this clash. Current nine captains Jesus Navas and Joaquin - who is retiring astatine the extremity of the play - are Seville-born and graduated from academy to archetypal team, starring their respective boyhood clubs to silverware.

Divided betwixt reddish and achromatic and greenish and white, there's perfectly nary country for divided loyalties erstwhile derby time arrives.

Boca Juniors v River Plate - 'El Superclasico '

Boca Juniors fans ascent  up   the fencing astir   the transportation   truthful  to get   a amended  presumption    of the enactment   connected  the field.The fervent enactment of Boca Juniors and River Plate often leads to tempers spilling implicit connected Superclasico day

The Superclasico betwixt Argentine giants Boca Juniors and River Plate is considered 1 of football's must-see rivalries. Although sojourn astatine your ain peril.

The hatred runs truthful heavy betwixt these 2 Buenos Aires neighbours that the 2nd limb of the 2018 Copa Libertadores last betwixt had to beryllium postponed owed to instrumentality violence.

The rearranged fixture was moved to a antithetic continent to debar a repetition of the disfigured scenes witnessed betwixt location fans and the distant squad bus.

The unwavering loyalty connected some sides sees the juncture teeter connected the enactment betwixt bid and chaos agelong earlier (and for rather immoderate clip after) the lucifer itself.

Red Star Belgrade v Partisan Belgrade - 'The Eternal derby'

A enactment     of equipped  constabulary  basal   successful  beforehand   of the travelling fans conception  of the crushed  successful  Belgrade.The conflict for bragging rights successful the metropolis of Belgrade arsenic overmuch connected the transportation arsenic it is disconnected it

A fixture which dates backmost to 1947, the conflict to beryllium kings of Belgrade is arsenic fierce a derby arsenic you'll find anyplace successful football.

Partizan and Red Star person shared 24 of 25 Serbian league titles betwixt them, with the second having besides won the Champions League successful 1990-91.

Yet matters connected the transportation are often secondary to the rivalry successful the stands.

Red Star's 'Heroes' and Partizan's 'Gravediggers' supply a fervent ambiance to the occasion, with unit the inevitable result.

No different juncture successful the metropolis receives specified a beardown policing beingness arsenic erstwhile these sides meet.

Galatasaray v Fenerbahce - 'Intercontinental derby'

Galatasaray fans unfurl a banner depicting Graeme Souness planting a nine  emblem  successful  the halfway  of their rival's pitch.A bid of infamous incidents crippled the past of this derby, astir notably the flag-planting enactment of Graeme Souness successful 1996

What began arsenic a affable rivalry betwixt 2 clubs sharing a location metropolis is present the root of 1 of the astir deep-seated dislikes successful football.

The catalyst for this power from champion friends to fickle foes came successful 1934, erstwhile the tendency to triumph got truthful aggravated the fixture descended into warring connected the transportation and successful the stands.

Plenty of unsavoury events person continued to mar this fixture passim its history; the infamous Graeme Souness emblem incident, 'The Water derby,' and recurring thoroughfare rioting betwixt rival supporters groups.

With astir adjacent enactment for some clubs passim Turkey, the value spreads nationwide.

Corinthians v Palmeiras - 'Derby Paulista'

Fans of Corinthians battalion  retired  the location  extremity  of the stadium for their lucifer  v Corinthians.The metropolis of São Paulo comes to a implicit standstill travel footwear disconnected successful the Paulista derby

While different rivalries crossed Brazil's large cities are occasions of celebration, Sao Paulo's Derby Paulista betwixt Corinthians and Palmeiras is considered superior business.

With acutely akin root stories, the clubs could beryllium mistaken for kindred spirits alternatively than rivals.

With a grounds attendance of 120,000 fans, this crippled brings an ambiance seldom seen anyplace passim the world.

At this fixture's centre, amid the fireworks, flares and banners, often lies a highly competitory and entertaining crippled of football.

Olympiakos v Panathinaikos - 'The derby of the eternal enemies'

A Panathinaikos subordinate    holds his manus  to his caput  aft  being deed  by a flare thrown from the stands.The Greek goddess aft which the metropolis is named would not o.k. of the deficiency of olive branches held retired betwixt these 2 warring neighbours.

Olympiakos and Panathinaikos is simply a derby truthful fierce that it brings the large metropolis of Athens to a standstill for days connected end.

A fixture that began arsenic a people disagreement betwixt the constitution of Ancient Athens and the merchants of Piraeus, the 'derby of eternal enemies' is marked by 1 chiseled theme: communal hatred.

Both clubs person bully crushed to assertion superiority; Olympiakos are the outright person of Greek titles won, portion Panathinaikos flew the emblem for Greece successful European competition.

This century-long rivalry has surely seen much than its just stock of rubric tussles, hooliganism, and violence.

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