What the Art World Doesn’t Want You to Know About Yayoi Kusama

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I’ve had a question astir Yayoi Kusama’s enactment for a agelong clip and the caller survey work Yayoi Kusama: 1945 to Now (2023) has yet resolved it.

In short, the reply is money, but I’ll backmost up a bit. 

The measurement features a roundtable treatment betwixt notable curators and depository directors, and quickly, the taxable of Kusama’s marketability comes up. The statement presented is that the wide accumulation of Kusama merchandise — Kusama java cups, Kusama figurine keychains, and truthful connected — has accelerated the democratization of art. 

We couldn’t person invented a amended creator to beryllium a benignant of banner creator for the transnational and the transhistorical, and for improving sex balance,” Tate Modern Director Frances Morris says successful the featured roundtable.

That is, the commercialization of Kusama herself is not presented arsenic a “necessary evil,” but alternatively arsenic an accidental for a affirmative measurement toward equality. This is an absorbing framing that I mostly hold with.

Yayoi Kusama fig successful beforehand of Louis Vuitton’s Paris office (photo courtesy Lisa Siraganian)

But what is near unsaid is that 1945 to Now is itself portion of an effort to “invent a amended artist” — a mentation of Yayoi Kusama who utilized her creation to assistance successful radical solidarity.

This “Kusama” does not exist. In a 2017 article for Vice News, I pointed retired that successful her autobiography Infinity Net, primitively published successful 2002, Kusama consistently wrote astir Black radical arsenic primitive, hyper-sexualized beings. But the portion that astir confused maine was a blank abstraction connected the page.

In her archetypal Japanese edition, Kusama refers to the country successful New York wherever she utilized to unrecorded transforming into a “slum,” with existent property prices “falling by $5 a day.” She attributes this to “black radical shooting each different retired front, and stateless radical sleeping there.”

When the English translation of Infinity Net came retired successful 2011, this condemnation was missing. It was not a mistranslation. The remainder of the paragraph was intact; lone the condemnation astir Black and unhoused radical was deleted.

At the time, I was unsure what to marque of this omission. However, aft speechmaking 1945 to Now, I’m starting to deliberation that this was an aboriginal motion of a strategy to subtly sanitize Kusama for Western audiences, reinventing her truthful arsenic to amended her marketability.

Photos from Yayoi Kusama: 1945 to Now which exemplify Kusama participating successful happenings successful New York with unnamed Black men (photo Dexter Thomas/Hyperallergic)

In the precise archetypal effort of 1945 to Now, we are shown a representation from 1964 of Kusama being physically carried done Washington Square Park successful the arms of a bare-chested Black man. Above this, a clip from a Japanese mag depicts Kusama speechmaking a newspaper, arsenic a Black antheral angled beneath her stares blankly astatine the ground. He is unnamed, and successful the archetypal punctuation from that magazine, Kusama refers to him not arsenic a collaborator, oregon adjacent arsenic a quality being, but alternatively speaks of “The caput of this Negro.”

On the leafage that faces these 2 images, curator Mika Yoshitake writes that Kusama utilized her enactment as a means of communal healing, to radically link those who experienced being connected the margins of life, particularly hippies, gays, and radical of colour.”

It’s not wide whether Kusama is meant to besides beryllium a “person of colour” successful this construction. But by opening the publication with this framing of Kusama arsenic an creator who was intentionally producing creation that would beryllium inclusive of and “healing” for Black people, the authors person papered implicit a wide signifier of banal racism successful Kusama’s work.

Instead, successful astir each lawsuit that Black radical look successful works referenced by the compilation, they look to chiefly relation arsenic tools to supply daze oregon communicative development. The Hustler’s Grotto of Christopher Street (1984), her astir critically acclaimed novel, is brought up passim the compilation. But obscurity is it mentioned that this publication is afloat of grotesque and voyeuristic depictions of Black characters’ odor and genitalia (White characters are not treated this way).

This inclination is contiguous adjacent successful 1 of the uncommon works exclusively disposable successful this compilation: a partial publication for a 1971 play titled Tokyo Leee. Most of the characters are described by their personalities, oregon astatine most, arsenic “good-looking,” oregon having “blonde hairsbreadth and bluish eyes.” But Kusama’s 1 Black quality is described arsenic a “WILD-looking, hairy, coal-black savage.”

Perhaps it is applicable to notation present that I, the writer of this review, americium besides Black. I would besides similar to say, however, that I don’t deliberation it’s productive to beryllium offended by these works oregon to garbage to bargain oregon look astatine them. I lone privation to accidental that it is disingenuous to suggest that Kusama has done thing extremist successful presumption of race, particularly compared to immoderate of her peers who merit this recognition.

For example, Ariyoshi Sawako’s caller Not Because of Color (非色; 1964, untranslated) made a wholehearted effort astatine connecting Japanese and Black people, with a overmuch much sympathetic and realistic depiction of Black beingness successful New York. Yoshida Ruiko, a Japanese photojournalist who was surviving successful New York astir the aforesaid clip arsenic Kusama, aboriginal published Hot Days successful Harlem (ハーレムの暑い日々; 1972, untranslated) which shows, done images and words, Black Harlem successful each its complications. We spot Harlem’s joys and sorrows, and notably, we spot Black women. Kusama mostly does not talk of oregon picture Black women, and alternatively focuses connected Black men, their lips and genitals, slyly bragging astir the orgies she says she saw successful Harlem.

Even her White contemporaries were doing much provocative work. The twelvemonth earlier Kusama was releasing photos of herself being carried astir successful Washington Square, Norman Rockwell painted “The Problem We All Live With” (1963), successful which we are brought eye-level with a young Black miss being dutifully escorted into a recently desegregated schoolhouse by United States Marshals. 

Yayoi Kusama: 1945 to Now (2023) by Doryun Chong and Mika Yoshitake (photo Dexter Thomas/Hyperallergic)

In her effort from 1945 to Now, curator Isabella Tam devotes pages to placing Kusama’s enactment successful the discourse of past Chinese and Japanese traditions and forms. This is good arsenic an creator oregon intelligence exercise, but it mightiness beryllium much straightforward to admit that Kusama’s usage of Black radical arsenic props besides places her lit arsenic an inheritor of a much disappointing tradition: American racism.

I’m genuinely amazed by the constricted captious penning astir racism successful Kusama’s work. How has the creation world, which is thing if not endlessly self-critical, not had a treatment astir Kusama’s usage of Black people? This is particularly unusual considering that racism successful creation is simply a occupation that Kusama herself has been vocal about. Near the extremity of the aforesaid 2002 autobiography successful which she laments Black radical driving down existent property value, she attacks the worship of White artists successful her location country: “Just due to the fact that their eyes are bluish and hairsbreadth is blonde, overseas artists’ enactment is sold astatine 10 times the terms of Japanese work. In immoderate different country, this would beryllium unthinkable, but successful Japan, it is commonplace. This is ridiculous and we indispensable rise our voices against it.”

The closest caller analogue to this discrepancy I tin deliberation of is hip-hop’s corporate motion implicit Kanye West. When Kanye began going connected progressively bizarre tirades, culminating successful anti-semitic rants truthful abhorrent that helium made Alex Jones squirm, conscionable astir each rapper fto him slide.

Despite hip-hop being a genre that is founded connected artfully attacking others for the slightest perceived offense, not a azygous coherent diss way from a large creator came retired astir Kanye (RXK Nephew’s bizarrely hilarious “Yeezy Boots” is simply a uncommon exception). How tin it beryllium that the aforesaid genre that brought america “Ether,” “Energy,” and “The Bridge is over” — songs brought astir by specified insignificant infractions arsenic allegations of copycat lyrics, ghostwriting, and swagger-jacking, respectively — has turned the different mode erstwhile an full radical of radical was being attacked?

It’s worthy considering that possibly Kanye, and besides Kusama, mightiness someway beryllium off-limits from disapproval due to the fact that of their well-publicized intelligence illnesses. It’s surely been capable to person enactment an asterisk connected astir each disapproval of Kanye’s outbursts. We’ve been made to inquire ourselves: Can idiosyncratic beryllium mentally sick and bigoted astatine the aforesaid time? Can the erstwhile power the latter? Or is the second a pre-existing condition, that has thing to bash with the former?

Freddie deBoer, a writer who himself has bipolar disorder, has written astir this, arguing: “To accidental that West’s behaviour mightiness not beryllium afloat nether his power is not to accidental that it’s not wrong his responsibility.” He goes connected to adhd that we “have to beryllium consenting to some find that idiosyncratic is blameworthy of atrocious things portion bearing the complications of intelligence unwellness successful mind.”

It is surely worthy being cautious successful our disapproval of some artists. But it doesn’t explicate wherefore determination has been no adjacent disapproval successful the industries that some Kanye and Kusama occupy. 

Aspiring to Pumpkin’s Love, the Love successful My Heart (2023), bronze and urethane paint, varying sizes from the exhibition Yayoi Kusama: I Spend Each Day Embracing Flowers at David Zwirner Gallery, New York (photo Hyperallergic)

The lone mentation for this I tin deliberation of is money.

In hip-hop, arsenic successful art, determination seems to beryllium a statement that definite artists are excessively large to fail. Each of these artists has a cottage manufacture built astir them; determination are thousands of radical with a direct fiscal involvement successful making definite their creator figurehead remains commercially charismatic for marque concern and merchandising. As the publication asserts, Kusama is among the highest-selling surviving pistillate artists successful the world.

As Jay-Z said connected the remix to Kanye’s 2005 “Diamonds from Sierra Leone:” I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man!”

The conception of Kusama arsenic consciously anti-racist seems to beryllium a new, and peculiarly Western-facing, framework. Not each audiences person been treated this mode — portion the 2022 Spanish variation of her autobiography besides deleted the “black radical shooting each other” line, the 2021 Chinese variation near it fundamentally intact.

I privation we had been fixed the aforesaid accidental arsenic Chinese readers: to spot Kusama’s enactment arsenic she herself presented it to the world; to admit the beauteous without ignoring the ugly.

But successful this market, a corporate determination seems to person been made that successful bid to maximize profits, not lone indispensable Kusama’s occasional racist utterances beryllium scrubbed, but besides a much palatable creator needs to beryllium “invented” successful her place. This measurement is conscionable the latest effort successful this exercise.

Yayoi Kusama: 1945 to Now dedicates an full effort to exploring, and defending Kusama from, charges of “narcissism.” It is thoughtful, nuanced, and convincing. I’d person happily work a akin effort that genuinely engages Kusama’s blithely uncreative adoption of American racism. Instead, the publication pretends it doesn’t exist, and subtly attempts to person america into seeing thing that was ne'er there.

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