What To Email When A Recruiter Doesn't Follow Up

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You haven't heard backmost from a recruiter astir a occupation you're funny in. What should you accidental successful your follow-up email?

When you're pursuing up with a recruiter connected a occupation wherever you consciousness similar they've ghosted you oregon you simply haven't heard from them successful a while, I cognize that you privation to email them and say, "I'm conscionable pursuing up to spot wherever you are successful the hiring process."

Don't bash that.

Never usage the connection "just" oregon the operation "I'm conscionable pursuing up." It sounds passive-aggressive. It's a existent turnoff. And I cognize you're thinking, "But they're the 1 who blew maine off." They mightiness be, but they're besides the lawsuit successful this scenario. You privation their job. They're trying to determine whether to prosecute you, aka wage you (a business-of-one) to supply a work for the company. They're the customer. We're ne'er rude to the customer.

So, here's what you nonstop instead...

How To Follow Up With A Recruiter

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Example of a follow-up email to a recruiter:

Dear recruiter,

I wanted to beryllium proactive and spot if there's thing other I tin bash to further my candidacy for the XYZ job. I'm truly interested.


Your name

That's it. By wording your follow-up email this way, you're being polite, not calling them out, and keeping it short. And that's precisely what recruiters are looking for.

Does this email get you a effect each time? No. But it surely increases the chances that a recruiter volition respond and fto you cognize wherever everything's astatine successful the hiring process.

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