White House Knew of Ukrainian Plot to Blow Up Nord Stream Pipeline Months in Advance: Report

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Three months earlier the Nord Stream pipeline exploded successful what was astir surely a brazen enactment of planetary sabotage, the Biden medication was briefed connected a crippled by the Ukrainian subject to people the vigor task for destruction, according to a caller report from the Washington Post.

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The informing astir Ukraine’s plans came months earlier the lipid pipeline—which stretched crossed the Baltic oversea from Russia to Germany and delivered inexpensive earthy state to a slew of European vigor markets—exploded, ending a contentious concern betwixt the Russian authorities owned vigor steadfast Gazprom and a big of EU-based vigor companies.

For months, governments person publically speculated astir who mightiness person been liable for the vigor project’s sabotage, but the Post present reports that the quality of an evident Ukrainian crippled was delivered to American and European leaders arsenic aboriginal arsenic past June. The quality initially came from a European quality service, which delivered the accusation to the CIA. The CIA past briefed some the White House and a fig of European governments connected the intelligence. The report, which was based connected accusation provided by a idiosyncratic wrong Ukraine, spoke of an evident crippled by six Ukrainian peculiar operations officers who planned to presume mendacious identities, rent a boat, and past dive to the bottommost of the Baltic oversea to destruct the large pipeline.

This recently reported quality besides seems to corroborate what investigators successful Germany—one of 3 governments presently investigating the Nord Stream explosion—have precocious uncovered astir the attack. The Post reports:

German investigators now believe that six individuals utilizing fake passports rented a sailing yacht successful September, embarked from Germany and planted explosives that severed the pipelines, according to officials acquainted with that investigation. They judge the operatives were skilled divers, fixed that the explosives were planted astatine a extent of astir 240 feet, successful the scope that experts accidental helium would beryllium adjuvant for maintaining intelligence focus.

Investigators person matched explosive residue recovered connected the pipeline to traces recovered wrong the compartment of the yacht, called Andromeda. And they person linked Ukrainian individuals to the rental of the vessel via an evident beforehand institution successful Poland. Investigators besides fishy that astatine slightest 1 idiosyncratic who serves successful the Ukrainian subject was progressive successful the sabotage operation.

This news, which is shocking enough, is made adjacent weirder by the mode successful which the Post seemingly received this information. The paper says it got ahold of the aforementioned quality study involving Ukraine’s crippled via an “online friend” of Jack Teixeira, the 21-year-old U.S. Airman who has been accused of leaking highly classified defence accusation to the internet. The quality was antecedently shared by Teixeira connected Discord, which is presumably wherever this person got it.

The Nord Stream sabotage: an ever-shifting narrative

As it stands, the Nord Stream’s demolition could spell down successful past arsenic 1 of the most consequential acts of international terrorism ever—a information that makes uncovering the parties liable a wide priority. Nevertheless, attempts to unmask the culprits person been frustrated by ongoing speculation that has perpetually shifted implicit time.

In the contiguous aftermath of the pipeline’s destruction, Western and Ukrainian officials blamed Russia—with an advisor to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy calling the detonation “a violent onslaught planned by Russia and an enactment of aggression toward [the European Union].” But determination were evident problems with this theory. Critics pointed out that it made small consciousness for Russia to stroke up its ain pipeline. The Nord Stream was a considered a large moneymaker for the Kremlin and, with its connections to European vigor markets, it was thought to beryllium an important bargaining spot for Putin successful his diplomatic spats with the EU implicit the warfare successful Ukraine.

Russia, meanwhile, accused the West of down behind the attack, pointing a digit specifically astatine the United Kingdom. “Our quality services person information indicating that British subject specialists were directing and coordinating the attack,” said Dmitry Peskov, a spokesperson for the Kremlin, successful October, soon aft the explosion. At the time, Peskov declined to remark further oregon stock accusation astir wherefore Russia suspected British involvement.

In February, Pulitzer-Prize-winning writer Seymour Hersh published a report to his Substack that recovered a caller culprit for the crime. Citing an anonymous high-level authorities insider, Hersh accused the Biden medication of being down the Nord Stream attack, alleging that the White House and different elements of the government—including the CIA—had orchestrated a blase cognition that utilized Navy divers to works explosives connected the pipeline. The program purportedly utilized BALTOPs, an yearly Navy diving exercise, arsenic a screen for the mission. After Hersh’s communicative came out, the White House vehemently denied the allegations.

Not agelong aft Hersh’s communicative was published, The New York Times released its ain mentation of events citing anonymous authorities insiders, who said a mysterious “pro-Ukrainian group” whitethorn person been down the attack. The communicative was beauteous flimsy. Anonymous sources told the Times that this alleged radical was perchance made up of Ukrainian and/or Russian individuals but was not thought to person ties to the Ukrainian authorities oregon its military. The 1 happening the sources seemed definite astir was that this radical definitely didn’t person ties to the U.S. oregon British governments; extracurricular of that, astir thing other was known astir its members oregon activities.

Now, with the Post’s story, we person an wholly caller mentation of events—one that doesn’t look to lucifer immoderate of the erstwhile iterations of this ongoing speculative saga. The 1 happening that the Post’s communicative has successful communal with its predecessors is that it raises much questions than it answers.

Lingering questions

The archetypal question the Post’s study people raises is: if the Biden medication had quality that Ukraine planned to stroke up the Nord Stream pipeline, did it marque immoderate meaningful effort to intervene and halt specified an onslaught from happening? If not, wherefore not?

Another pertinent question is astir the Post’s sourcing: conscionable who is this “online friend” of Jack Teixeira who provided this intel report? If quality of this sensitivity has been shared with different web users, wherefore has determination been nary effort to analyse and unmask them? How galore “friends” did Teixeira have? What’s the deal?

Finally, possibly the biggest question—how this quality whitethorn interaction the result of the Ukrainian warfare itself. If further probe validates the Post’s mentation of events, and it turns retired that the Ukrainian subject is liable for destroying the Nord Stream, it fundamentally puts the EU successful the presumption of supporting a state that has instigated 1 of the worst acts of economical coercion successful surviving memory. How mightiness that interaction the ongoing diplomatic entanglements that qualify Europe’s narration to the war?

Calls for an planetary probe into the Nord Stream incidental were recently rejected by the United Nations Security Council, but it truly seems similar they mightiness privation to rethink that one. Somebody needs to get to the bottommost of this happening and, successful the involvement of avoiding anymore wild-eyed digit pointing, it mightiness beryllium adjuvant if we each conscionable did it together.

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