Will Any Content Uploaded to Discord Be Fed to an AI?

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In aboriginal March 2023, claims dispersed that the chat app Discord was altering its privateness argumentation and that immoderate contented uploaded to the level would beryllium fed to an artificial intelligence, oregon AI. 

The claims dispersed crossed assorted platforms. One idiosyncratic posted connected Twitter on Match 10, "TO MY FRIENDS IN ART SERVERS: bash not nonstop thing you bash not privation fed into the nutrient grinder immoderate more, including NDA work." 

Another idiosyncratic wrote successful a Reddit post, "With their caller privateness policy, which volition beryllium effectual aft the 27th March, Discord volition record/store your video calls, dependable calls/channels, including your surface shares." The rumor had besides been shared connected platforms similar Tumblr.

I emotion each the radical accusing maine of fear-mongering similar the past twelvemonth hasn't proven implicit and implicit again that tech companies bash not springiness 2 shits whether they tin legally instrumentality information oregon not- it doesn't substance what Discord's ToS does oregon does not accidental if they're shacking up with AI.

— Morrighan Corbel besides @ Tumblr present (@MorrighanCorbel) March 10, 2023

Discord did update its privateness policy, but we recovered nary grounds that immoderate contented uploaded to the level would beryllium fed to an AI. An announcement from the institution astir caller AI features said Discord idiosyncratic information would not beryllium utilized to bid its wide models.

"There has not been a alteration successful our wide presumption connected however we store oregon grounds the contents of video oregon dependable channels," a Discord spokesperson wrote to Snopes erstwhile we reached retired for comment. "User privateness is important to Discord, and we volition proceed to uphold privateness protections.

Discord updated its privateness policy connected Feb. 24, 2023, with changes scheduled to instrumentality effect March 27, 2023. The current policy was antecedently updated the twelvemonth earlier astir the aforesaid time, with changes taking effect March 28, 2022. 

Under the "information we collect" conception successful Discord's existent privateness policy, it stated the contented created by users was portion of the accusation the institution collected. That explicitly included messages, customized emojis and uploaded files. While discussing video, the argumentation said:

We mostly bash not store the contents of video oregon dependable calls oregon channels. If we were to alteration that successful the aboriginal (for example, to facilitate contented moderation), we would disclose that to you successful advance. We besides don't store streaming contented erstwhile you stock your screen, but we bash clasp the thumbnail screen representation for the watercourse for a abbreviated play of time.

The caller privateness argumentation covered each of the contented addressed nether the aged privateness policy. It besides specified caller contented the institution present collects, including recordings of Go Live enactment and dependable messages.

"We made these changes to enactment caller merchandise features that we are moving connected (things similar dependable messages, allowing users to make abbreviated recordings of their streams, and akin features)," the Discord spokesperson wrote. "We recognize that the wording of the caller privateness argumentation tin beryllium misunderstood, and we're looking to amended this to bespeak our existent volition to enactment these kinds of features."

Other connection apps similar WhatsApp, which let users to nonstop dependable messages and marque video calls, person end-to-end encryption portion inactive allowing for different information to beryllium collected. End-to-end encryption has often been utilized to marque messages much secure.

There person been information issues connected apps similar WhatsApp before. In 2021, ProPublica reported that WhatsApp undermines privateness protections for its users. The communicative was aboriginal updated with a clarification saying that the app did not interruption end-to-end encryption.

On the aforesaid time Discord updated its privateness policy, March 9, Discord separately announced caller AI features connected the platform.

The AI enlargement included turning an already existing bot into a chatbot that could reply questions and person conversations with users; further moderation services; speech summaries; and a shared whiteboard with a text-to-image generator.

The announcement from Discord astir AI stated it came retired connected March 9 to further clarify the chatbot's "privacy-first and optional-only approach." It said the OpenAI exertion utilized to powerfulness Discord's AI features could not beryllium trained connected Discord idiosyncratic data. 

"Users tin power however Discord uses their accusation arsenic described successful our Privacy Policy (under "How to power your privacy")," the Discord spokesperson wrote. "This includes the quality to delete contented and to customize a fig of idiosyncratic settings, among different options."

Under Discord's privateness and information settings, users could crook disconnected "Use information to amended Discord" and "Use Discord to customise my Discord experience." The institution said on Twitter successful 2019 that turning disconnected the archetypal enactment blocks the tracking of idiosyncratic activity, similar what games idiosyncratic is playing, portion the 2nd blocks analytical tracking of idiosyncratic features and experiences.

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