Yeah, of course, YC’s winter class is oozing with AI companies

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Following the hype bid isn’t ever a atrocious thing

Being an artificial quality institution has go the crockery du jour of startup land. Companies are scrambling to either incorporated AI into their existing concern exemplary oregon alteration up their selling truthful immoderate they were already softly utilizing AI to bash is beforehand and center. Y Combinator’s latest people is nary different.

Angel capitalist Gokul Rajaram tweeted precocious that helium had heard from a institution successful the latest YC cohort that fractional of the people was looking to usage chatGPT. Now, with a letter circulating that asks AI researchers to intermission improvement and with YC demo time adjacent week, we decided to spot if that checks out. Turns out, it’s not that acold off.

Ninety-one startups, oregon 34%, of the existent YC people database that they are an AI institution oregon usage AI successful immoderate benignant of way, according to the accelerator’s useful online database. If you constrictive that down to generative AI you get 54, oregon 20%. While not rather half, it’s inactive striking erstwhile compared to past cohorts. In erstwhile years, the highest fig of companies utilizing generative AI successful a azygous YC people was nine, and a number of much wide AI usage brought the fig to 44; some numbers hail from classes overmuch larger than the existent one, too.

This isn’t peculiarly surprising.

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