You Can Get a Dave’s Single Burger From Wendy’s for $1 Right Now

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In grant of March Madness, from present until April 5, Wendy’s is offering customers a Dave’s Single burger for conscionable $1 erstwhile you bid done their mobile app. Depending connected wherever successful the U.S. you are, a Dave’s Single typically costs astir $3 to $6.39 (in New York City).

To suffice for the deal, you request to beryllium a Wendy’s Rewards member, which is free—and you tin motion up to go a subordinate successful the app erstwhile you download it. To get the woody erstwhile you’ve signed up, spot the Dave’s Single burger successful your bag, past spell to the “rewards store” and past “offers.” Click connected “$1 Dave’s Single - Mobile Order Only.” Then prime “use successful mobile order.” When you spell to the check-out, the woody should discount your burger automatically to $1.

The deal’s good people says you tin lone get 1 burger astatine that terms per transaction, which implies you tin get much if you spot antithetic orders. It besides says it is simply a “one-time-use only,” but that’s followed by “one connection per lawsuit per visit.” So it’s not wide whether you tin usage this woody aggregate times oregon not—if you’d similar much than one, it doesn’t wounded to try.

What is clear, though, is that you indispensable bid done the Wendy’s app, and it indispensable beryllium a participating Wendy’s. If the Wendy’s shows up arsenic an enactment successful your telephone erstwhile utilizing the offer, you cognize it’s a participating Wendy’s.

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