Top 7 Multicloud Security Providers for 2024

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Multicloud adoption has gained momentum successful caller years. About 98% of enterprises usage oregon program to follow multicloud successful 2023, according to a report from Oracle. While adopting multicloud offers enterprises a large woody of flexibility, scalability and outgo efficiency, it tin exposes them to a broader onslaught surface, frankincense brewing a batch of information concerns.

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To code these information concerns, multicloud information solutions are designed to guarantee the information of data, applications and different workloads flying done the nodes of distributed unreality environments. Here, we instrumentality a look astatine the champion 7 multicloud information solutions providers.

Top multicloud information vendors examination table

Below is simply a examination array that highlights immoderate of the notable features disposable successful each multicloud information provider.

Identity and entree managementUnified absorption paneAutomatic alertsWeb exertion firewallStarting priceFree mentation oregon escaped trial
AWSYesNoYesYesDepends connected services availedFree mentation available
Microsoft Defender for CloudYesYesYesYesDepends connected services availedFree (Foundational CSPM)
Google Cloud PlatformYesNoYesYesDepends connected services availedFree proceedings available
CloudflareYesYesYesYes$20 per period (Pro)Free mentation and escaped proceedings available
Oracle CloudYesYesYesYesDepends connected services availedFree mentation and escaped proceedings available
IBM CloudYesYesYesYesDepends connected services availedFree mentation and escaped proceedings available
Check PointYesYesYesYesDepends connected services availedFree demo available

Top multicloud information vendors

There are respective multicloud information solutions disposable successful the marketplace today, and each solution provides a unsocial acceptable of features and capabilities. When choosing providers, see information governance and compliance regulations, work level agreements and information residency requirements.

Amazon Web Services: Best for versatility

AWS logo.Image: AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is 1 of the astir fashionable unreality platforms connected the market. The AWS level tin beryllium utilized to big websites, store data, process applications and more. It offers 1 of the astir broad suites of information partners and solutions to its users.

Because AWS is truthful popular, businesses volition apt request immoderate level of AWS information solutions. AWS has a bully estimation for information solutions for networks and applications arsenic good arsenic information and compliance. These see services similar AWS Web Application Firewall, AWS Secrets Manager, AWS Audit Manager and AWS Shield.

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In summation to its powerfulness and versatility, AWS offers a debased outgo per gigabyte, making it much affordable than different options similar colocation facilities oregon backstage clouds and information centers.

Why we chose Amazon Web Services

We picked Amazon Web Services.primarily for its versatility and affordability. It has a bully estimation arsenic a information solution and is simply a reliable multicloud enactment for businesses of each sizes. Its wide ecosystem makes it a apical prime for companies looking to person a holistic information and unreality solution, offering menace detection, alert mechanisms, and IAM capabilities for each types of  information usage cases.


Besides the escaped tier enactment that offers customers a constricted mentation of AWS unreality services, the level operates a consumption-based pricing exemplary that bills customers based connected the fig of services they consume. There is besides an accidental to get a terms punctuation for the fig of services users mean to usage and a pricing calculator that gives estimated pricing for users.


  • Identity and entree management.
  • Threat detection and continuous monitoring.
  • EventBridge for automated events response.
  • Automated alerting with GuardDuty.
  • Infrastructure extortion support.

Figure A

Snippet of AWS Management Console.Snippet of AWS Management Console. Image: AWS


  • Threat detection and alerting mechanisms tin beryllium automated.
  • One of the broadest ecosystems of unreality information partners.
  • Robust individuality absorption and permissions.
  • Free tier for bot and fraud control.


  • Can beryllium analyzable for beginners.
  • Pricing tin beryllium complicated.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud: Best for centralized management

Microsoft logo.Image: Microsoft

Microsoft Defender for Cloud helps enterprises place information risks and fortify information posture crossed multicloud and hybrid environments. With Microsoft Defender for Cloud, customers tin summation a holistic presumption of their information posture crossed Azure and Google Cloud, AWS and hybrid clouds.

Azure besides features automatic scaling, catastrophe betterment and information redundancy. The level is simply a fashionable prime for companies that request to summation their agility and ratio erstwhile it comes to deploying applications. Azure is fashionable for usage cases that impact integrating Microsoft tools and products specified arsenic Office 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Why we chose Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Microsoft Defender for Cloud was selected for its fantabulous centralized absorption functionality. Its posture absorption dashboard offers a wide presumption of multicloud environments, making it casual to spot vulnerabilities successful a company’s information posture. It besides provides utile insights crossed multipipeline and multicloud DevOps, allowing for stronger exertion security.


Apart from the 30-day escaped trial, Defender for Cloud offers a pay-as-you-go pricing exemplary nether antithetic usage plans:

  • Cloud Security Posture Management plan: The pricing operation is determined by the standard of the cloud, wherever charges are calculated solely based connected the fig of servers, retention accounts and databases.
  • Cloud Workload Protection plan: This program contains antithetic services and is charged per the services consumed.

There is besides an further information complaint for virtual machines lone for DevOps security. For close pricing, I suggest reaching retired to the Microsoft income squad via authoritative channels.


  • Real-time information entree and hazard prioritization.
  • Integrated extended detection and effect (XDR) crossed multicloud workloads.
  • Centralized insights crossed multipipeline and multicloud DevOps.
  • Built-in policies and prioritized recommendations for prime multicloud compliance.

Figure B

Microsoft Defender for Cloud’s Overview page.Microsoft Defender for Cloud’s Overview page. Image: Microsoft Learn


  • Supports the modernization of existing infrastructures.
  • Visibility into multicloud situation from a unified absorption lens.
  • Insights crossed multipipeline and multicloud DevOps for amended exertion security.
  • Extensive workload information that cuts crossed virtual machines (VMs), containers, databases and more.


  • Complicated pricing model.
  • DevOps information is lone escaped during preview.

Google Cloud Platform: Best for modular compliance

Google Cloud logo.Image: Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides businesses with a suite of cloud-based services that marque it casual to create, deploy and negociate applications successful the cloud.

GCP multicloud information services see Security Foundation for providing recommendations to execute bully information posture and Risk and Compliance arsenic Code for automating the compliance relation for agile workloads.  It besides features Web App and API Protection for protecting applications and exertion programming interfaces against threats. Finally, it besides includes a information and resilience model for extortion against adverse cyber events.

Why we chose Google Cloud Platform

GCP carved its sanction connected this database for its Risk and Compliance arsenic Code (RCaC) solution which helps forestall non-compliance successful a information infrastructure, and thus, protects against wide-scale attacks and information breaches. We peculiarly similar RCaC’s automated regular checks that lessens audit fatigue and works toward continuous compliance. This is successful summation to different information features similar its analytic motor and information enforcement automation.


Google Cloud Plan operates the pay-as-you-go pricing operation and offers a 30-day escaped trial. For close pricing, I urge contacting the Google Cloud squad via their authoritative channels.


  • Risk and compliance arsenic code.
  • Threat recognition with precocious rules engine.
  • Security and resilience framework.
  • Web App and API Protection.
  • Offers Autonomic Security Operations.
  • BigQuery Omni for BigQuery analytics connected information stored crossed aggregate clouds.

Figure C

Google Cloud Platform dashboard.Google Cloud Platform dashboard. Image: Google Cloud Documentation


  • Analytic motor for visualizing and analyzing information incidents.
  • Users tin automate information enforcement on the proviso chain.
  • The RCaC strategy makes it casual to find noncompliance issues.
  • Users tin power their spending with fund and spending headdress alerts with escaped outgo absorption tools.


  • Pricing is not transparent enough.

Cloudflare: Best for integration-based services

Cloudflare logo.Image: Cloudflare

Cloudflare is 1 of the apical providers of multicloud information solutions, offering assorted products to assistance businesses support their information crossed antithetic platforms. Cloudflare’s unified power level provides organizations with a scalable solution, enabling the enforcement of accordant information policies and integration of information crossed aggregate clouds

The level besides offers tools specified arsenic distributed denial of work mitigation, website firewalls and contented transportation networks. By protecting information crossed aggregate platforms, businesses tin debar vulnerability to information breaches that whitethorn hap connected 1 platform.

Why we chose Cloudflare

We chose Cloudflare for its seamless integration with different wide recognized unreality work providers (CSP). Examples of CSPs that Cloudflare is capable to integrate with are AWS, Azure, GCP and IBM. The information that Cloudflare has a planetary web of users successful much than 200 cities and 100 countries is besides a testament to their precocious prime multi unreality service. Fortunately, Cloudflare besides has a escaped proceedings and escaped tier that businesses tin cheque out.


Cloudflare offers a escaped mentation positive 3 different plans:

  • Pro: Starts astatine $20 per month, billed annually.
  • Business: Starts astatine $200 per month, billed annually.
  • Enterprise: Contact the vendor for a quote.


  • Unified power plane.
  • Integration with different fashionable unreality providers specified arsenic IBM and GCP.
  • Massive web scale.
  • Supports accordant information argumentation enforcement crossed each unreality deployments.

Figure D

Sample insights connected  Cloudflare dashboard.Sample insights connected Cloudflare dashboard. Image: Cloudflare Blog


  • Offers escaped trial.
  • There’s a escaped version.
  • Availability of 24/7 endeavor support.
  • Pricing is transparent.


  • The escaped program is feature-drained and mightiness necessitate paid add-ons for users to marque the astir retired of it.

Oracle: Best for SaaS integration

Oracle logo.Image: Oracle

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers a assortment of information products and services to assistance businesses support their information crossed aggregate clouds. OCI’s multicloud services alteration enterprises to modernize their databases and applications with features specified arsenic Real Application Clusters and Autonomous Database. The solution besides integrates with different unreality services from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Oracle’s multicloud architectural model offers a scope of services, including multicloud database services for database and applications modernization, layered information strategy for IAM and information information services and an quality to link to workload from anywhere.

Why we chose Oracle

We picked Oracle for organizations looking into an casual mode to integrate different SaaS solutions successful the market. It allows for greater flexibility successful choosing CSPs and provides an intuitive mode to migrate workloads betwixt unreality providers successful the aforesaid space. As mentioned, Oracle integrates good with fashionable providers specified arsenic GCP, AWS, Azure and galore more.


OCI services are priced the aforesaid for each planetary regions and users wage according to what they consume. Users tin besides usage the estimation calculator to find the outgo of the services they choose.

For close pricing, interaction Oracle for a quote.


  • Real-time information lawsuit monitoring and logging capabilities.
  • Automated assets provisioning crossed aggregate clouds.
  • 40-plus planetary unreality regions.
  • Supports layered information strategy for IAM and information information services.

Figure E

Oracle Cloud Console.Oracle Cloud Console. Image: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Blog


  • Offers flexibility successful choosing unreality providers.
  • Optimizes assets utilization.
  • OCI’s 40-plus planetary unreality regions for information residency compliance.
  • Simplified workload migration betwixt unreality providers.


  • Extensive scope of services whitethorn present complexity successful management.

IBM: Best multicloud free-tier provider

IBM logo.Image: IBM

IBM is 1 of the starring providers of multicloud information solutions, helping businesses unafraid their information nary substance wherever it’s stored. IBM’s cloud-based information solutions, which supply real-time extortion against cyberattacks, are an fantabulous prime for businesses seeking a straightforward solution to support delicate data.

IBM offers information services for exertion security, information security, menace absorption and individuality and entree management. These services enactment unneurotic to supply visibility and power successful maintaining a beardown information profile. IBM’s acquisition successful IT and cybersecurity makes it an perfect supplier for companies that request broad information sum for each types of data.

Why we chose IBM Cloud

We chose IBM Cloud for its generous escaped tier that lets users summation entree to implicit 40 of their unreality products and services. Their escaped tier includes a escaped IBM Cloud relationship that is ever escaped and doesn’t expire. Fortunately, IBM besides offers 30-day escaped trials to summation entree to premium services that your concern whitethorn privation to effort out.


IBM Cloud offers a 30-day escaped proceedings model for imaginable customers to cheque their products.

Pricing comes arsenic pay-as-you-go, reserved instances with a 1–3 twelvemonth committedness and a subscription model.

Potential users tin get close pricing for their services by contacting IBM Cloud.


  • Automated compliance.
  • Centralized visibility crossed multicloud.
  • Real-time proposal capability.
  • Integrates with starring unreality information providers specified arsenic AWS, Azure and GCP.

Figure F

IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center dashboard.IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center dashboard. Image: IBM Cloud Documentation


  • Offers real-time and contextualized recommendations to trim mendacious positives.
  • Supports unified visibility crossed distributed unreality environments.
  • Supports automated compliance to trim the hassles of gathering unreality compliance.
  • Offers a escaped tier with implicit 40 services.


  • Documentation whitethorn beryllium analyzable for immoderate users.
  • Although pricing is flexible, it’s inactive complicated.

Check Point: Best for automated information crossed multicloud

Check Point logo.Image: Check Point

Check Point, different apical unreality information provider, offers broad information features for organizations operating successful analyzable unreality environments. The company’s CloudGuard level offers precocious menace prevention, web information and workload extortion crossed aggregate unreality providers.

With features similar cloud-native information posture absorption and automated information orchestration, Check Point enables organizations to execute visibility and power implicit their multicloud deployments. The platform’s broad attack to security, coupled with its integration capabilities with large unreality platforms, positions Check Point arsenic a beardown contender successful the multicloud information market.

Why we chose Check Point

We person Check Point connected this database for its automation capabilities passim their multicloud offering. It’s a large enactment for businesses that privation to trim quality mistake successful accomplishing information tasks, arsenic good arsenic redeeming clip and resources internally. It besides has an accessible escaped demo that lets you trial thrust their bundle astatine zero cost.


Check Point offers a escaped demo. Customers request to interaction income for pricing details.


  • CloudGuard level for multicloud security.
  • Advanced menace prevention capabilities.
  • Network information features.
  • Workload extortion crossed aggregate unreality providers.
  • Automated information orchestration.

Figure G

Check Point’s CloudGuard interface.Check Point’s CloudGuard interface. Image: Check Point


  • Comprehensive attack to securing multicloud environments.
  • Free demo.
  • Integration capabilities with large unreality platforms.
  • Visibility and power implicit multicloud deployments.
  • Security operations done automated orchestration are streamlined.


  • Specific pricing accusation isn’t readily disposable connected the authoritative site.
  • Limited accusation astir circumstantial features and functionalities.

What is multicloud security?

Multicloud information enables customers to usage assorted types of clouds oregon hyperscalers for secure, reliable and cost-effective storage, arsenic good arsenic entree and retrieval of their data.

These capabilities guarantee that if 1 unreality fails, the data, applications and services tin inactive beryllium accessed from alternate unreality providers, without compromising information information and prime of service. As a result, businesses tin support their information unafraid irrespective of what unreality vendor they’re utilizing astatine immoderate fixed time.

Multicloud information besides lets businesses power betwixt antithetic clouds without adversely affecting exertion uptime and compliance requirements. Multicloud information is governed by Cloud Security Standards and Control Frameworks that see General Data Protection Regulation, System and Organization Controls Reporting and the PCI Data Security Standard.

What are the champion practices for multicloud security?

Adopting a multicloud strategy offers a batch of benefits, but that’s lone erstwhile it’s done correctly. So, present are immoderate champion practices for amended guidance.

Use unafraid passwords

A beardown password is indispensable for protecting information against unauthorized access. Organizations should enforce policies that guarantee unsocial passwords for each relationship and unafraid storage. In conjunction with the usage of multifactor authentication, having unafraid passwords prevents atrocious actors from gaining unauthorized access.

Encrypt files

Sensitive accusation indispensable beryllium encrypted, and frankincense kept confidential, earlier it’s uploaded to the cloud. This helps support information from prying eyes online, leaving anyone that tries to retrieve these files without the close encryption keys unsuccessful.

Monitor the wellness of unreality servers

Keeping an oculus connected the presumption of organizations’ unreality servers regularly helps observe information issues aboriginal and resoluteness them earlier they go bigger problems. This prevents costly outages and breaches of service-level agreements.

Implementing information into DevOps

By integrating information into the bundle improvement process, organizations tin guarantee that their applications are built with information successful caput from the start. This helps forestall vulnerabilities from being introduced during coding and testing, arsenic good arsenic streamlines the process of fixing them earlier they go accumulation issues. Multicloud information is important for businesses due to the fact that it helps support information crossed antithetic platforms.

The astir communal pitfalls of multicloud security

While multicloud information offers galore advantages, determination are communal pitfalls and challenges that organizations whitethorn encounter. Here are immoderate of the astir prevalent pitfalls of multicloud security.

Not knowing wherever your information resides

Data whitethorn beryllium distributed crossed aggregate clouds without the owner’s knowledge. This makes it hard to support way of and manage, expanding the chances of delicate information being leaked oregon falling into the incorrect hands.

Lack of visibility and control

Organizations often deficiency visibility and power implicit their information erstwhile it’s stored successful the cloud. This tin pb to information being mishandled oregon misused without the owner’s knowledge.

Not having a program for information loss

Data nonaccomplishment tin hap for assorted reasons, specified arsenic quality error, hardware nonaccomplishment oregon malicious attacks. Without a program successful spot for however to woody with this, organizations tin find themselves successful a hard situation.

Not having trained staff

Many organizations don’t person the indispensable unit to decently negociate their unreality infrastructure. This tin pb to problems specified arsenic information being stored successful insecure locations oregon resources not being decently backed up.

How bash I take the champion multicloud information solution supplier for my business?

Selecting the close multicloud information solution supplier is captious for businesses aiming to support their information and apps crossed divers unreality platforms. Here are immoderate indispensable considerations to assistance you take the champion multicloud information solution supplier for your business.

Determine your unreality information needs

Begin by evaluating your organization’s information requirements and objectives. Consider factors specified arsenic the sensitivity of your data, compliance regulations and the types of applications you person deployed crossed aggregate providers. Determine the level of information you need, including menace detection, information encryption, entree controls and compliance management. Understanding your circumstantial information needs volition usher you successful selecting a supplier with the close capabilities.

Consider way record

Look for a multicloud information solution supplier with a beardown way grounds and expertise successful securing analyzable unreality environments. Assess their acquisition successful the industry, the fig of years they person been providing multicloud information solutions and their estimation among customers.

Check if they person a grounds of making it to the unreality information supplier rankings connected reputable reappraisal companies similar Forrester and Gartner. Consider their partnerships and certifications with large unreality work providers arsenic it indicates their committedness to delivering effectual information solutions and compliance.

Check for information offerings

Ensure that the supplier offers a broad suite of information solutions tailored for multicloud environments. Look for features similar web security, workload protection, information nonaccomplishment prevention, individuality and entree management, menace quality and compliance management. The supplier should person solutions that are compatible with large unreality platforms successful bid to facilitate seamless integration and centralized management.

Consider visibility and control

Choose a supplier that offers robust visibility and power implicit your multicloud environment. Consider solutions that supply a unified dashboard oregon absorption console that tin show information events, negociate policies, and summation insights crossed aggregate unreality platforms. The quality to enforce accordant information policies and controls passim your multicloud infrastructure is important if you privation less headaches successful your multicloud journey.

Scalability and flexibility

Consider your business’s maturation and scalability requirements erstwhile selecting a multicloud information solution. Ensure their solutions tin standard with your organization’s evolving needs and accommodate aboriginal unreality deployments. Flexibility is besides crucial, arsenic it allows you to take and integrate antithetic unreality platforms without compromising security.


We gathered accusation from authoritative websites, merchandise documentation, lawsuit studies and autarkic assessments to compile the database of apical multicloud information solution providers. Industry reports, marketplace analyses and exertion publications were besides reviewed to place starring players successful the multicloud information domain. We shortlisted and evaluated providers based connected popularity, features, collaboration among different unreality providers and lawsuit feedback.

Bottom line

Selecting the champion multicloud information solution supplier for your concern requires a thorough knowing of your information and concern needs. Although we person done the hard portion by providing the database of the apical multicloud information solution providers, you should instrumentality the clip to probe and comparison the providers to spot however each matches your concern and information requirements. By making an informed decision, you tin guarantee your multicloud situation remains secure, protected and compliant with manufacture standards for unreality information and governance.

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